Whatcha Reading?!

Did you use to be more of a “reader” before it almost became almost uncool unless it was the newest Harry Potter novel?  Growing up an avid reader, I found the seemingly never-ending school work getting in the way of choosing to read. And what usually happens when we are made to do something? When we don’t have to, we don’t! I left selective reading behind for text books.

As an adult, I’m learning the importance of reigniting the practice of reading daily. If you research research “habits of successful people,” you will likely find at least a few chapters within their daily routines. According to the Huffington Post, Mark Cuban reads 3 hours a day, Warren Buffet reads 600-1000 pages a day, and Mark Zuckerberg read 2 books a month in 2015.

We can always be learning, and should be, whether in an academic setting or not. Don’t ever get stuck!

Where do I start?

Well, one might suggest reading 1 chapter a day of non-fiction reading to start. Don’t think you can’t do it! Also, audio books count! I like to take notes too.

Small habits generate results. If you want change, you must…you guessed it…change something you’re doing! Huffington Post also said, “Reading helps prevent stress, while enhancing confidence, empathy, and overall life satisfaction.”

As we devour information, encouragement and wisdom, our focus begins to shift. Our vision expands. Our mindsets change. In other words, we think and dream bigger!

Don’t worry if you’ve gotten out of good habit due to the freedom of not being “made to do it.”  Start small, give yourself some grace, and let’s set our minds (and calendars) to do it! We’ve got this!


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Photo: Rachael Lee


  1. Oh this is just so good!! So important! It is a great exercise to keep our brains in shape too! And keep us from becoming dull & boring! Thanks Annie!


  2. I got away from reading for leisure during college because I had to read so many textbooks. Now I read almost every day, on my lunch break or before bed. It relaxes me more than watching tv. A cup of tea and a book puts me in the right frame of mind to sleep. The funny thing is, I’m currently reading through the Harry Potter series for the first time! A little behind the times but the books are so good.


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