Packing Guide – Summer Edition

Summer is in full swing! Because many of us travel during summer (look at those ticket prices, #ouch), I made a cheat sheet for you as you are getting ready for your summer getaway! If you have ever forgotten to pack essentials like a toothbrush or your makeup brushes leaving in a rush, you understand the importance of a CHECKLIST! This method can not only help you pack faster, it serves as a reminder for much needed items. I have been using this on the regular these days so, I thought I would share!  This detailed checklist can be tailored to your specific needs, with extra lines to add your own entries!

It’s easy–make the list your own by crossing out items you won’t be needing, adding extra items not listed and finally check off as items are packed and ready to go!  Happy packing! 🙂  #traveltips

Simply click the link below to download for free!

Packing Guide – Summer Edition

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