Don’t Compromise

When I used to picture the future, there was always the question of “who will I marry?”  I suppose because I watched movies where people fell in love and had a beautiful example from my parents I was excited for this moment of clarity.  I started to pray for my husband at a young age.  As I got older, I realized there is a lot of demand for the affection of my heart.  This meant one very important decision to make if I wanted to protect my heart – do not compromise.


If you want to hear my story, read the next section.

I didn’t really date in high school.  I’m not saying it’s for everyone but for me, it was best. I knew I was “saving” my heart. I wanted to grow in things I loved and enjoy hanging out with friends without distractions.  Despite my naivety, I saw that people’s intentions were not always pure.  I watched friends get their hearts broken.  I watched friendships dissipate.  It was as though girls were more willing to give in when they forgot what they are worth.  I’m not implying every single guy is out to get you–I’m merely saying people can be selfish, especially at a young age.  You’re worth so much more than a boy’s opinion. You were bought with someone’s life – you are made whole because of what Jesus did for you.  There is grace for our mistakes and healing for every heartbreak. Dear, you are so loved.

Don’t compromise.


“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16


I’m going to challenge you with this: “Guard your heart with ALL diligence.”  It’s not a rule, more of a challenge to take you into what God has for you.

Have you ever been to London?  Guard your heart like you’re protecting the Queen.  I’ll The castle guards at Buckingham Palace are notorious for keeping intense focus despite tourists desperately trying to distract them.  They do this because otherwise, what is really important could be compromised.  You can stay true to your heart and you don’t have to give your precious time and emotions to something that isn’t good for you. You don’t need to hear “you’re beautiful” from a guy to be beautiful. I’m sure it’s nice to hear, but don’t sacrifice a special part of you to hear it.  Your choices now will have an effect on your marriage later.

Don’t compromise.

Queen Esther’s marriage was ordained for a great purpose. “If I perish, I perish,” she said, after learning in order to save her people she must risk her life. (See Esther 3-4.) Her marriage strategically placed her in places to help other people. Despite the glitz and glamour of living in a palace, I don’t think it was an easy place to be.

I took this matter so seriously growing up because I wanted this kind of intention in my own marriage. I wanted to be willing to go wherever I needed to go so God could use me. It’s not always easy but God is always for you.


“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap a harvest, if we do not give up.”


 A version of this was originally posted on the Live Original Blog. To read their most recent blog click here!


  1. this is a beautiful Passage as I’m about to go into high school I know now that I don’t need to sacrifice part of my heart for a guy that just calls me beautiful. Also I put this website as my website for Instagram because it’s an amazing website & I wanted hopefully share the word with others is that ok?


  2. This is so beautiful! Thank you for the beautiful advice that will come in handy someday! I love this magazine! Wish there would be more magazines like these!


  3. There is an amazing book that I read a couple times when I was in High school. The name of it was ‘Before You Meet Prince Charming’.
    It was the perfect story and book on “saving” your heart. Highly recommend ❤️


  4. I was very much the same way. I didnt have any guys that even looked at me, lol & I had been praying for my hubs for a long time, then when I least expected it, he ended up being the bratty little neighbor boy! But in the praying and waiting God changed him into an amazing man of God. I had made a list of expectations, and he met all of them & that freaked me out at first. Because I didnt really believe, than my heart was changed. We just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary march 25th! Its been a journey that has more to share. Thank you for sharing your story with us all!


  5. Wow! This touched my heart so much and was exactly what I needed to hear at this time in my life! I don’t date and I am trying with all my heart to keep myself pure–heart, body, and mind–for my future spouse. It is such a blessing to hear real-life stories of how God works everything together for the good of his children. He calls us to live pure lives, undefiled by the world, and I am so excited that I can do this for Him and my future husband. God bless!!


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