A Few Words: The Quest for Affirmation

The Quest for Affirmation

Where do we find it
In our jobs
In our homes
In our achievements
In our likes and comments

But what if it is not real
What is this feeling of adequacy
Does not need come from any of these
What if we find it
In an unexpected place

What if we choose
To challenge ourselves
To become the best we can be
Regardless of who will see

Because at the end of the day
When all comes to quiet
The only one we should be asking
Is the One who knows us best
And who is pleased by faith
And who has only good intentions

This concept of adequacy
From anything else
Is a disservice
To your soul
You don’t need it

You could never achieve
What is found in
Perfect grace
Because you did not earn it
It is for you to receive

1 comment

  1. Absolutely love. Those few words said something so profound perfectly! I notice this is my own life when my focus gets off so does my feeling of adequacy.


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