Clean Beauty Favorites under $15.

Organic Rosehip Oil

This lightweight, fabulous oil is for brightening skin tone and helping fight wrinkles with and Vitamins A & C! It’s even known to help fade scars.  I use as a last step in my skin care routine, after moisturizer.

Bonus: I also use this in small amounts on the ends of my hair as a serum to help tame frizz!

Witch Hazel 


Derived from the Hamamelis virginiana plant, this natural astringent helps combat inflammation, irritation, redness and acne.

Use after cleansing use as a spray or apply with a cotton pad, paying careful attention to avoid the eye area.

Bonus: Witch hazel also help with psoriasis, itchy scalp, insect bites and mild skin irritations.

Organic Lemon Juice

Lemon contains alpha hydroxyl acid which can have a brightening effect on the skin. This can be applied to dark knees and elbows to have a lightening effect (do a test patch on sensitive skin). If necessary, dilute. dfh17sep001_shutterstock_550013404.jpg

You can squeeze half a lemon and a tablespoon of brown sugar for a DIY lip scrub.  The brown sugar will scrub off dead skin cells while the AHAs in the lemon give some chemical exfoliation.  Be gentle!

Shea Butter


Known for its inflammatory properties, Shea Butter is a versatile soothe for skin.  It can be used on the face and body, provides long lasting hydration and contains fatty acids and vitamins!  It has an anti-aging effect and is the perfect multi-tasker to moisturize the skin.*

*Look for an organic 100% pure Shea Butter.



Glow from the inside out by staying hydrated! A healthy intake of water helps keep skin clear,not to mention, elevates your mood and brain function!







What are your clean beauty favorites?


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