My Clean Skincare Favorites

Hey, you!
Have you switched to clean beauty yet? Let me make it easy for you by showing you some of my favorite products!  The benefits are endless. Besides, who wants potentially harmful chemicals in their body?  Here are my daily favorites and why I like them! What are yours?
This peel tingles and leaves my skin so smooth! I love the fact it’s all organic. I use it 2-3 times per week.
“What did you use on my skin?! It’s so soft!” I received this text after mixing Argan oil with a client’s foundation for a subtle glow on dry skin. Argan oil is a fav in my cabinet. I use this one. Make sure the ingredients say 100% organic Argan oil! It is affordable and its non-comedogenic!
Hand made by Schyler herself, this new line features 2 masks and 1 scrub. My personal fav, Coffee Crave, leaves my skin soft and the coffee smell is so invigorating! I like to leave it on and let the honey work it’s magic while breathing in the coffee aroma. (Yes, please!)
Sun is the #1 premature aging culprit. This formula doesn’t smell like sunscreen (which I love) and my makeup goes on flawlessly over it. The best part? It’s about $7 and can be used on face and body.
These are not technically 100% compliant due to Glycolic Acid (but they are derived from sugar cane!) but they have really worked well in resurfacing my skin.  I’ve seen dark spots diminish and my skin always feels exfoliated.  I recommend cutting them in half to get 2x the use.
This cream it nourishes my skin while adding an extra layer of SPF.
This gentle scrub smells like pure clean bliss and is very gentle. It’s 100% organic and a little bit goes a long way. You simply tap some of the powder out into your hands and add water to your other hand. Make a paste and viola! You have a decadent scrub to sluff off dead skin.
Whenever I break out I use tea tree oil to dry up unwanted bumps. I use frankincense at night for anti-aging benefits and it also smells sooo good (can you tell I’m into good smells yet?) Both of these can work wonders as well as other EOs. If you’d like to know more about these click here!
Think Dirty App (iPhone)
This app became my clean beauty friend about a year ago. You simply type in the name of almost any hygienic/skin care/cosmetic product on the market and it will give you a rating based on the ingredients and how clean beauty friendly they are. It’s an eye opener! They also explain each ingredient that makes it “dangerous” and why.

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